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    McLean's Artist Malts are delighted to have Cornelia Parker create an edition for 2014/15. For this commission, Parker has been intrigued by whiskies maturation process, how time and more specifically the moon cycle effects the spirit. In a continuation of Parker's lunar series, this latest work Blue Luna is very much a time orientated piece. Currently you do not get to see the spirit but an empty vessel. For Parker's whisky remains in the cask in the highlands of Scotland. Blue Luna will be bottled upon a blue moon on the 31st of July 2015, a rare event of two full moons in a single month. The total age of the whisky is stipulated on the label by full moon cycles rather than years - the final colour, nose, taste and alcohol volume of Parker's whisky will be unknown until this special date. As well as this fine whisky filling the empty decanter, the piece will be accompanied by a photograph by Parker of the Blue Moon on the 31st July 2015. How this photograph looks is also dependent on many unknown particulars; location of the artist, weather, and equipment will be significant to the outcome. What we do know is that the accompanying photograph is as mystifying as the whisky itself. 

    As with all of our editions a printed element is produced by Poligrafa of Barcelona. Cornelia Parker's bottle will be accompanied by six lithographs listing each and every full moon that has influenced the spirit whilst in the cask since August 1997.

    Cornelia Parker Born 1956 Cheshire, England is one of Britain's most accomplished conceptual artists, her work spans installation, sculpture, photography, video and drawing. A major solo exhibition of her work recently inaugurated the new Whitworth gallery in Manchester. In 2010 Parker was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts London, and in the same year appointed and OBE in the birthday honours. In 1997 Parker was a Turner Prize nominee, she has since had major exhibitions in, Serpentine Gallery London (1998) Deitch Projects, New York (1998), ICA Boston (2000), the Galeria Civica de Arte Moderne in Turin (2001), the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart (2004) the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas (2006), Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2007), Museo De Arte de Lima, Peru, (2008), and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK, (2010). She is represented by Frith Street Gallery (London), Guy Bartschi (Geneva), and Galeria Carles Tache (Barcelona). Her work is in private collections worldwide, besides many public collections, including MoMA (New York), the Metropolitan Museum (New York), the Tate Gallery, the British Council and the Henry Moore Foundation.

    Artist: Cornelia Parker
    Title: Blue Luna
    Date: 1997 - 2015
    Whisky: Blue Luna, single malt Scotch whisky was distilled at Benrinnes distillery in August 1997, it was aged for more than 17 years before being transferred to a sherry infused octave. Exclusively for the artist, the whisky is undergoing a second maturation to be bottled on the next blue moon 31st July 2015.
    Art: 6 x lithographs (30cm x 21cm) of Cornelia Parker's moon chart detailing every full moon and blue moon that has influenced the spirit since distillation. (Produced by Poligrafa of Barcelona)
    Photograph: photographed on a Blue Moon 31st July 2015, details TBC
    Edition: 35
    Price: to pre-order please contact us for information

    All bottles and prints are signed and numbered by the artist and exclusive to M>A>M

    Contact: mcleansartistmalts@gmail.com
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