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    In memory of Catherine McLean (1948 – 2011)

    Clan MacLean is one of the oldest clans from the Scottish Highlands. Their history is extensive and colourful, known for there honour and unwavering courage in battle. The first chief of the clan was Gilleain na Tuaighe (Gillean of the Battle Axe), Gillean meaning servant of St John. MacLean literally means son of Gillean the servant of St John. In 1263, at the battle of Largs, Gillean of the Battle axe was instrumental in helping the Scots reclaim the Hebridean Islands from the Norseman, fighting off the Viking forces and seeing them return home to Scandinavia.

    Duart castle (circa 1360), on the beautiful Isle of Mull, is the clan's official base and where the current Chief, Sir Lachlan MacLean, has his seat. Not only is the Isle of Mull the home of clan MacLean, but we are proud that it is where the first drop of McLean's Artist Malts was poured, by Charles Avery a very special artist native to Mull.

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